Yee Sing + Pui Foong

I’d engaged Plan A as my pre-wedding photographer and their service/work deserve a big applause � �.

I’m a very particular and detailed oriented person in photography yet I find it hard to find any fault in Jackson’s work. If you’re comparing his work with others, you’ll find that his photos colour and lighting are very well balanced with clarity and good angle. His photos are cinematic that it give the photo a timeless feel.

Aside from that, Jackson and team (Racy & Kenny) are also very friendly and helpful. They made us feel that we are on a road trip more than a photoshoot. So, the photoshoot session is really enjoyable and memorable as a part of our wedding journey.

Thanks again for the awesome work and always keep doing this as it do a great favour to future groom and bride! �

Nelson + Ashley
Plan A is simply Amazing!! Jackson and Racy are incredibly talented and professional. Even when I have just received un-edited images I already found them perfect enough, simply beautiful by just looking at it.Jackson photography skill never disappoint me, every angle he managed to shoot it well and he always find “special” photography spot which is different from others. I’ll definitely recommend them to anyone I come into contact with :)


Zahid + Esther
Thank you Jackson and Team for our wedding photography and videography. You captured meaningful moments and expressions that we can never describe with words �� Seriously, when you have Plan A, you don’t need Plan B.

Dear Plan A team, wishing you were all there to see how the audience enjoyed your craft.

There were laughters, oohs, aahs and there were solemn moments. Amazing art.

Thank you so much Jackson and team!

Anthony + Evans

I don't think 5 stars is enough to rate Plan A production!

Having Jackson and Racy is the best decision we ever made! Both of them are very friendly and chatty which made our Paris session so much fun! Jackson is very good at capturing the best moment of us while Racy did an excellent job in making us look superb. The result came out spectacularly! Both of them are just way marvelous, I'm glad we became friends. Can't wait to have you two for our actual day again!


Jack + Jing

Words cant describe how blessed we are for engaging Plan A production for our Rom . Jackson and team are very professional and their work is absolutely magical, we love it! Thanks for putting our memories into those wonderful photos, cant wait for more of your work during our actual day. Thanks Plan A production .


MunYau + Suet Kee

Professional, efficient, helpful and cheerful team! Had a grateful shooting experience with Jackson and Racy.


Kent + Debbie

Besides the undeniable chemistry between racy and Jackson, they are persistent and hardworking power couple who made our trip to New Zealand fun and unforgettable. They were very attentive and needless to say, we became friends even after the photoshoot! Bravo on the pictures they look absolutely fine!


Jason + Erna

Sometimes last year I watched a very touching and romantic but a unique wedding video from Plan A and I contacted @Jackson Leong telling him i wanted that type of shooting for my wedding. Jackson then gave me the exact same crew to film our wedding day. I couldn't thank the crew more @Sunzanetan & @Belllee for their hard work and effort in giving u a memory to keep forever.

A lot of people asked me how did I find Plan A and my answer was "because I don't have a Plan B'. Yes I'm lame take it.


Ray + Ashley

if u got plan A , u don't need a plan B 💓


Kenny + Sharon

Thanks Jackson Leong for your hard works ! Cheers ! We all love your friendly and humble service ya.. 😍😍hehe


Michael + Pei Jun

Massive thanks to Jackson Leong and Plan A Production crew for doing an excellent job in sharing our happiest moments with our friends and family.


Benley + Mindy

Thank you very much Jackson Leong and the team..u all really professional you guys so much.


Jian Hao + Hui Chi

Hi Jackson,

Thanks for the effort!! You guys done a great job, we love the photos and videos. We really appreciate your work. Thank you very much!



Hui Yi + Yong Sheng

Jackson Leong, You've done a wonderful job! We're glad to choose you as the photographer in one of our most important events. Good Job and thank you.


E Jia + Cheng Boon

用心记录值得一辈子珍惜的回忆~Plan A Production. 因为有你们让我们的婚礼留下美好的回忆!


Berry + Kam

My Happiest video I ever had! :)


Elizabeth + Jackie

Thanks for the photographers captured our happy moments, they are professional and responsible. Great job!